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Until now companies only had two choices: retrofit their equipment with various expensive sensors or entirely forgo all the advantages of Industry 4.0. With FactorE.OS this is no longer the case. The instillation of the electrical sensor is quick, painless and most importantly can often take place without any production downtime. Once the sensor is installed the learning begins. The Factor.E OS begins to compute, analyzing thousands of events per second, and learns what the equipment is doing. After a short introduction period, the data will become available. And because the solution is cloud based the information is available anywhere. From the shop floor to the top floor. Should a scenario arise that the tool has not yet seen a message will be displayed to let the user know an unknown event has occurred and to ask for further information.

FactorE.OS is a Product of the Factor-E Analytics GmbH.




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By measuring and analyzing the electrical consumption alone FactorE.OS can provide production data, equipment utilization, resource consumption and errors. In addition, productivity and efficiency indicators (KPIs) are calculated in our cloud based software solution and can be viewed live anywhere in user configurable web-dashboards. Customized role-specific dashboard and notifications provides transparency and the ability to react to production as things happen allowing for increased equipment utilization and productivity. FactorE.OS monitors performance and when deviations occur alarms can be triggered. Unproductive machine times are identified and highlighted using optimization routines



  • State-of-the-art encryption for data communication and VPN hardware connectivity.
  • Dedicated cloud resources guarantee data privacy and anonymity.
  • Data centers are exclusively located in Europe, while hybrid-cloud and on premise installations are available.
  • Because electrical consumption is read only data is generated without the added risk of your losing control of your machine to hackers.


  • Highly scalable cloud resources are dynamically assigned to ensure redundancy and minimize downtime.
  • A software stack that is cloud-provider-agnostic.
  • Industrial-grade hardware from renown providers that can be easily maintained and serviced by your own technicians.


  • Productivity gains of at least 10% by tracking shop floor activity in real time and actionable data as well as energy savings of up to 30% via transparency and proactive energy management can be expected.
  • Profit from an effortless hardware deployment that takes 30-60 minutes per machine with standard off-the-shelf components.
  • Reduce IT costs with a cloud-based infrastructure with transparent SaaS pricing model. No hidden hardware, installation and maintenance costs, all future updates included.


  • Connect old and new equipment. Energy-based intelligence covers older and legacy systems. Modern equipment can be connected via OPCua. Attach additional sensors effortlessly.
  • Integrate FactorE.OS seamlessly in your IT environment with our API system.
  • Limitless scalability allows you to easily connect additional machines, production lines or different locations without compromising performance.
  • Access your data and monitor production from any web-capable device.


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